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ProdEagle allows you to monitor your web applications in real-time using beautiful graphs and alerts without harming the performance of your application!

You can monitor what ever you would like:
  • See how many users are online.
  • See what the latency of a database query is.
  • See what the ratio between sold vanilla vs. chocolate bars is!
  • ... or anything you want!
Key Features:
  • You define the counters and increment them whenever you want!
  • Set up alerts in case counters drop bellow or exceed a certain value.
  • You get beautiful graphs and a very easy to use UI to create the charts.
  • The implementation is blazing fast and doesn't add any noticeable latency to your web application.
  • It's completely free for now: You can increment up to 100 different counters per minute. If you need more quota, just contact us.
Getting started:

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This framework could easily be ported to other programming languages.
Contact us if you are interested. Should be quite easy. You would only have
to export some stats in JSON.